BioSweep Process

Protection against airborne and surface viruses, bacteria & fungi.


We bought our home from someone who smoked cigars in it for 20 years. Before we moved in, we tried everything to remove the odor but nothing worked. We gave up and decided to put our home back on the market. A friend told us to call BioSweep of Greater Atlanta instead. They permanantly eliminated the odor, and they did it in one day! Great service, great people.

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BioSweep removes odors with unique 5 stage process

Our Technology

Our equipment’s unique, five-stage process, called PHOCATOX, combines the latest in airborne and surface contamination removal technology. Unlike any other equipment available on the market today, the BioSweep process creates a hydroxyl radical plasma gas inside of the unit’s intense decontaminizing chamber, producing and exporting very high levels of vaporized hydrogen peroxide and purified ozone out into treatment areas for effective surface decontamination.

These agents work together in oxidizing against airborne and surface contaminants before rapidly returning back to natural elements posing no environmental hazards and allowing for immediate re-entry of treatment areas. Unlike simple, weak ozone generators and other inferior technologies in use, our equipment rapidly produces permanent results!

High Intensity PHOCATOX Technology

Eradicates airborne and surface organic molecules and micro-organisms, including pathogens and bacteria. Our unique process, based on the established and accepted science of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), uses a highly advanced form of PCO to produce simultaneous, interrelated forms of oxidation. This multi-phase process utilizes HEPA filtration, Hydroxyl Radicals Production, Purified O3 and H202 Production, Singlet Oxygen and Oxyradical Plasma Production and Disinfecting Germicidal UVC Radiation, all generated internally in one portable unit to produce unparalleled decontamination capabilities on-site.

BioSweep Applications

Any odor eradication
Fire & smoke odor removal
Mold & mildew abatement
Bacteria & virus mitigation
MRSA, C-diff & Staph eradication
Vehicle recovery
Contents remediation on-site
Whole building bio-sanitation
Building restoration
Allergen suppression

The BioSweep Process


Phase 1 - UV Radiation

Air comes into the bottom rear of the unit. High intensity germicidal irradiation is lethal to incoming airborne microorganisms, creating peptide bonds within their DNA, preventing them from further replicating. Additional bands of the UV spectrum are also used.


Phase 2 - Powerful Singlet Oxygen and Oxyradical Plasma

A dense cloud of powerful molecular oxidizers attack bio-particles and rapidly begin breaking the carbon bonds that form their cellular matter. Approximately 70% of the system’s energy goes into creating this powerful disinfecting plasma gas, which includes singlet oxygen, superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and three oxyradicals: hydroxyl radicals, the atomic oxygen radical and hydroperoxide radicals. These agents remain in the chamber.


Phase 3 - Concentrated O3, H2 O2

Purified trivalent oxygen, called ozone, is produced which contributes to oxidization within the chamber and production of more oxy-radicals. Bulk ozone and hydrogen peroxide molecules leave the top of the unit to continue their work outside the chamber for another 30-45 minutes before decaying harmlessly back to the natural elements from which they were made.


Phase 4 - Photocatalytic Production of Hydroxyl Radicals

Special nanoparticles coated on the entire inner chamber wall undergo a photocatalytic reaction driven by the UV energy field. They convert water vapor in the air or feed gas into more hydroxyl radicals projecting from the entire inner surface. The new oxyradicals break up passing organic matter and generate more oxyradicals from the O3 concentration present.


Phase 5 - HEPA Filtration, Optional Supplemental Feed Gas

Permanent Odor Removal. No Chemicals.

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Common Indoor Air Pollution Causes

Mold spores
Tobacco smoke
Cleaning products
Paints & insecticides
Building materials
Pet dander
Fireplaces & cooking appliances

Why Air Quality Affects You

Indoor Air Pollution and exposure to indoor pollutants and contaminated air is a major public health issue. Americans, on average, spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations (source: US EPA - Report on Indoor Air Quality). Because of the pervasive nature of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP), no one is immune to the effects of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP).

All air and surface samples are inspected and tested by a 3rd party nationally accredited laboratory.

Better Health. More Comfort. Increased Productivity.

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be traced to both indoor and outdoor sources. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health points to major air pollution sources including: microbial contamination, contamination from inside the building (including fire damage and water damage), contamination from outside the building, inadequate ventilation and fabric contamination.

BioSweep of Greater Atlanta is the #1 solution for Indoor Air Quality improvement.

Health risks caused by Indoor Air Pollution:

Ear, nose, eye & throat irritations
Reproductive problems
Central nervous system (CNC) disorders
Allergic sensitivity reactions
Sick building syndrome (SBS)
Skin irritations
Lack of concentration

Better Health. More Comfort. Increased Productivity.

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